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At what point should I contact Emily?

The earlier the better really! I have been in touch with clients up to 5 years before they are planning to install their kitchen. Getting the rough plan in advance means that you can schedule other work around the final design. How annoying would it be to realise that the ideal location for a cupboard is where you decided to put a window, or that you will have a kitchen island but there isn't power or water installed.

Is Covey Kitchens only for bespoke kitchens?

No! Emily offers kitchen design for ALL budgets. For those with budgets £20-100K, Emily can help to find the perfect cabinetmaker for you to work with to deliver your dream kitchen

How long does it take until I can have my new kitchen?

It normally takes around 6 months from the first hello to the final goodbye but any timescale from 3 months to 5 years is normal. The design phase can take around 3-4 weeks with manufacture taking 6-12 weeks, finally installation will take another week or two and then you're in!

Where Can I Read Reviews About Emily's Work?

You can see what others have said about Emily at the bottom of the Homepage or on Google .

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