Space Planning Advice

Our homes are our castle and with COVID-19 keeping us all inside, we are going to be spending a lot of time in them! However, all this spare time is the perfect opportunity to take the time to sit back and evaluate your home. Is this how you want to live, does it work for you and your changing family needs, which bits don’t work, why is that part always messy, which bit causes the arguments, how can it be improved?

Many of these areas can be solved with a simple reshuffle and formalising zones with storage solutions, others might need the professionals in but use this time to work that out like Kirstie Allsopp in Channel 4’s Love It or List It.

It can be helpful drawing up your whole house on a piece of paper and imagining that you’re moving in for the first time. How would you lay out your rooms based on your family's needs today. This might be completely different to when you moved in, perhaps you were childless and carefree or with young kids who needed more attention compared to now with teenages needing their own space or young adults who have flown the nest.

Think about how you actually use the space, are coats stored next to the most used door, what requirements does your home office or Yoga mat actually have, are they in the right place or will moving them unlock a room’s use? Look for underused spaces such as under the stairs or large cupboard to make amazing home offices, playrooms or reading nooks. A little rejig of your storage and a declutter will free these up - Netflix’s Mari Kondo is very inspiring.

How do people move around a space, where are the pinch points. Sometimes moving a doorway completely unlocks a space but this will need professionals in so please don’t start knocking down walls on your own yet!

There are some great resources online to inspire you, Pinterest and Houzz are full of beautiful images and Homebuilding and Renovating is full of practical advice. There are also professionals that you can access remotely such as Covey Kitchens who offers design packages with no sales agenda, just helping you to make your home the perfect place for you and your family to live.