Home Space Planning £300

This Package Includes:

Free No Obligation Design Consultation

✔ 3D Design with up to 10 hours of design drawings & tweaking

✔ Floor & Elevation plans

✔ Working Drawings or schedule of works

✔ Ongoing Impartial support & advice throughout the project

✔ Perfect for fans of Kirstie and Phill's Love it or List it on All4!

Unlock your home's potential

Does your home not work for you, are you always tripping over each other or have a room that never gets used? As our lives change with children arriving, growing up and moving out, our needs change over time and the house that suited you perfectly at the beginning, may not work for you now.

Emily can help to unlock your home's potential, giving you direction to how your space could work better for you. Emily will work within your budget, offering immediate changes through to five or ten year plans of gradual works you could follow.

Sometimes just a fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased overview is needed to see how new spaces could be created within your current home with simple tweaks such as relocating the TV or changing the dining room table. Other times moving a doorway will completely change how your family uses a space, read the example below of Una and her difficult kitchen.

I don't believe an extension is always the answer, it is often about making the most of the space you have available before you need to add more.

If required, additional work is charged at £35/hour

PROJECT | When Una phoned up and said that she had a difficult kitchen, it's often just a matter of fresh eyes to find out the sticking point but this room was a real challenge! After a great deal of head scratching and some very silly role play to check it all flowed together, we finally cracked it.

THEY SAID | 'Emily has given us a kitchen we are very proud to own. We have a very awkward shaped space and we tasked Emily with three main objectives

(1) move the cooker away from the access door from our hallway into the kitchen

(2) stop people having to walk through a utility space in order to get to our dining room and

(3) keep a sensible amount of storage & work surfaces.

Emily spent time pretending to use the space for simple things like making a cup of tea, cooking at the hob, washing up in order to get a feel for the flow of the work space. From this she produced an ambitious plan which we initially felt daunted by, but with Emily's help, decided to go ahead. The exiting part for us was choosing the cabinetry and we were delighted to have the advice of Robert Charles to guide our choice.

Emily project managed the whole work for us - making sure the builder, electrician, plumber, plasterer were all lined up and turned up on time. We were very impressed by all the trades she engaged and they all did their work to a very high standard.

I would recommend Emily to anyone who is thinking about having their kitchen updated - you won't be disappointed.

Una & Pat

Our homes are our castle and with COVID-19, we are going to be spending a lot of time in them! Now is a great time to evaluate yours to work out how you can Love it or List it.

Hopefully you can Love It by having time to really think about how your home works for you now.

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